Tuesday, 30 July 2013


The shopping in Melbourne definitely lived up to our expectations! 3 days of shopping, discovering the Melbourne sites and dining in the cute alleyway cafes. Although it was probably the worst thing to happen to our bank accounts, the cute clothes we came home with could definitely be justified.

Amie outside one of the cute cupcake shops we saw on the way to the Victorian markets
    Relaxing after a hard day of shopping! I admit I got caught up in the shopping and forgot I had to fit everything in my suitcase, and ended up buying makeup storage drawers.. I somehow managed to fit in it my suitcase, but it involved me stuffing most of my belongings inside the drawers and wearing majority of my clothing on the plane. Opps! 
We visited the streets which are famous for their graffiti, so interesting to see graffiti as actual art - especially because most graffiti in Sydney is vandalism!
The cafes and shops had such quirky interior design features. So many of the cafes had mini terrarium light bulbs which were so cute! They gave this industrial indie feel, it was so interesting to see all the items we lust over on Urban Outfitters Apartment in action. 
 Sleep deprived and hyped up on sugar, us leaving Melbourne with full suitcases and aching feet!

Overall it was a great trip! Its amazing how different the shopping is, and it was really good to get away from work and normal life for a while! 
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