Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Broke Aussie Girl's Naked Palette

Hey everyone! Got a different type of post for you today, an eyeshadow review! And it's not just any review. It's a Naked Palette dupe! If you're into beauty, you'll definitely have the Urban Decay palette, or you would have seen it and wanted it!
Sadly though, in Australia it's really hard to get. Its only available on one website (the Beauty Bay), or you could go through eBay. I probably wouldn't suggest eBay though as it will most likely be a fake; if its too good to be true then it probably is. I fell for it, and actually bought one from eBay which was a fake. I complained though and got my money back and got to keep the palette!
Although its not as great as the real one, it's still sooo pigmented and it'll do until I can get my hands on the real one.
I found this other dupe in Myer, its Chi Chi's 'Nudes' palette, and I'm in love! Its not quite as pigmented as the eBay copy, but doesn't have as much fall out and stays nicely on your lids.
Top - Chi Chi 'Nudes' Palette
Bottom - Naked Palette fake via Ebay

Swatches from Chi Chi's Nudes Palette

I'll do another post for you in a few months because I'm planning on getting the Naked palette for Christmas! Have any of you Australian girls bought it from the Beauty Bay? How was the shipping? I'm worried it's going to get ruined in transit! 
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