Friday, 1 August 2014

$4 Beauty Blender Dupe

For all the Aussie bloggers out there who desperately want to try the Beauty Blender but don't want to drop $30 on it plus international shipping, I've found an awesome copy of it in Kmart! This baby is only $4, so why not give it a go! 
It's a bit heavier and denser than the actual Beauty Blender, but for $4 you can't really go wrong. I found that with the Beauty Blender, you could apply your foundation with the sponge without actually wetting it first. (However I wouldn't recommend applying it without wetting it - it doesn't go on as well, plus it's much harder to get your foundation out of a dry sponge.) But with the Kmart version, because it's so tough I feel you need to wet it to get the best results.
 If any of you beauty bloggers out there have tried it, let me know your thoughts! Have you found another cheap dupe?

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