Monday, 17 February 2014

I'm backkk! Updates!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the complete lack of posting over the past few months. I know its no excuse but work has been hectic and whenever I have a day off no one that can take photos for me is! But I've bought a tripod and plan to change that.
It was my birthday last week and I got some gorgeous presents, these below are my favourites!
 I finally got a Marc Jacobs watch! After years of lusting over them, I finally decided to get one. Choosing which one was so difficult though! I also got 5 pandora rings, these two are my favourites and on my other hand I wear a beautiful amethyst one and two others, I'll post a photo of them later :)

And I bought a Mimco bag! I also got a matching purse. I absolutely love this bag, the quilted back is my favourite.

Have any of you guys got any of these? What do you think about pairing rose gold and silver in the same outfit?            
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