Monday, 23 September 2013

Topshop Lips in Brighton Rock

Hey lovelies, thought I'd do a post today on this lipstick that arrived the other day! I placed an order from Topshop, (opps), and bought quite a few things. I've always wanted to try a Topshop lipstick so I thought I'd add this to my order! I had to pay for shipping though, and just my luck, the next day a free shipping code for Australia came out :(
I looked at photos of it on other blogs, and it looked really different on everyone. I found it to be much more neon than I expected!
I don't wear lipstick all the time as my lips are so dry its just not pretty! This one applied really nicely and felt really nice on my lips, but after a while became really cracked. I found it stays nicely with a layer of lipbalm over/under it.

As I'm so pale I really find it nice to have some colour on my lips!
What do you guys think of the colour? What other makeup would you wear with it?
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